Something Different

Not your ordinary jewelry

About May 29, 2008

Hi, I have been a member of SL since Feb 2008 when visiting relatives my cousin show me the inner workings of her addiction. Hers is apparently a world of the freebie madness known as Fabulously Free. I value the contacts that Cherlindrea Lamont helped me make in my first few weeks even if we have different tastes, styles, and interests. I am more about the sales myself.

Wanting to bring my own feel to my wardrobe, I began making jewelry in April 2008 and opened Something Different in May 2008. I love the colors of natural gemstones in their raw states. I make my own gemstone textures so if you see them being used elsewhere please let me know so I can follow the proper channels in filing a DMCA.

PS  Please, do not send me messages for Cher unless it is a dire emergency.  Cher and I live on opposite sides of the country.  I do not see her on a daily basis any more than I see my aunt and uncle.  You would most likely reach her before me if you send her an IM.


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